a beautiful life

you don't know what you're alive for, until you know what you would die for

i can’t think straight, sleep comes in waves

my heart is happy, and then it is hurting

i have no control and “i’m sorry” are my new favorite words

but i know you will be worth it,

you are so small

but you are one of the loves of my life

ten weeks and you’re already my world. you’re every thought and every breath. where i go, you go. i hope you love me like i already love you.

here i am living the boring corporate life with the nice pay cheque

and there you are seeing the world and living my dream

you win.

i’ve never fallen apart so quickly
and so dramatically

life is funny. what a tangle of emotions and situations and strangers who become friends and enemies and lovers and strangers once more. what a mess. and in the end, it won’t matter, none of us will get out alive. yes, life is a funny thing.

do with life what you will
but do not lose yourself

all the time.

they said, “hey, where’s this bus going?” and he said, “well, i’m really not sure.” “well then, how will you know where to get off?” and he said, “the place with the most allure.” because i love the unknown….





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