a beautiful life

you don't know what you're alive for, until you know what you would die for

get me the hell out of this province/city/place

i don’t want the memories anymore

life is funny. what a tangle of emotions and situations and strangers who become friends and enemies and lovers and strangers once more. what a mess. and in the end, it won’t matter, none of us will get out alive. yes, life is a funny thing.

a flood of memories just hit me…..that was fun

consider it done.

“birds are in around my head, things you have done
the words you have said, your memory after you left
i try but i can’t forget”

i don’t even know

wow, it seems like just yesterday we were sitting together in a messy kitchen, drinking cheap drinks and we barely knew eachother and you told me i had pretty eyes, and then we wandered through the next few months together, believing it would last, and now…..well that’ll never happen again

but i think i’m okay with it

actually, i know i’m okay with it. and that’s what matters.

“The only reason why people hold onto memories is because, memories are the only things that don’t change when everyone else does.”

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it actually amazes me, how little you care.

i wish i knew if you ever think about me, i wish i knew if in your mind, i still exist

soooooo trueeeeeee

soooooo trueeeeeee

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do you like to live the same exact experiences with all your girlfriends?

because that’s what it seems like you’re doing.

re-living our entire relationship, with another girl.

i hope the memories fucking haunt you and make you feel like shit

feeling so disconnected, so insignificant

was i just like a season, something that comes and goes, and can just be forgotten once the next one comes along?

just like the seasons, i’ll always come back around, and my memories will haunt you

i wonder

if you still think about me

if you remember all the little memories we now share

if you miss me

if you have dreams like the ones i’ve been having

if you meant anything you ever said

if deep inside, you want us to be together

if you really love her

if you’re truly over it

if you wish we could still talk

if you read this